About us:  We train dogs. We believe every dog and owner should have the chance to enjoy life every day together.  Enhancing relationships between dogs and their owners is the first step to creating that life. 

Sometimes these relationships become strained because your dog isn't doing what you want it to do. Sometimes we need to do different things to communicate better with our dogs.

Beanhounds provide training, skills and services to help both of you back to having fun as soon as possible. Check out the services page for more information!

     Owner and trainer Jana Regan has worked with animals for over 30 years. She started dog walking at an early age for her parent's friends mostly because the dogs were more fun than the adults. She's worked in pet care while living in Los Angeles and has owned animals all her life.

In 2012, while working in a behavioral special education classroom, she adopted her coonhound, Dinah.  Dinah turned out to have some very serious behavioral issues.  It became apparent very quickly that in order for Dinah to stay, Jana would have to learn how to train and rehabilitate an aggressive dog. Years of experience working with children needing major behavior modification and psychological support had prepared her for this challenge. She learned how to communicate effectively with Dinah and began to rehabilitate her. By immersing herself in the world of dog rescue, she began working with many different dogs in different settings. Shortly after, Bean the Boston Terrier burst into their lives with so much love for everyone he met that he presented his own set of challenges. Both Dinah and Bean are doing great now and love to help out with training or social time when appropriate.

     Since then Jana has worked in a high volume doggie daycare setting, running groups and integrating dogs into play who may previously had trouble being social. She's also worked with many different trainers and learned different styles of training. Attending every dog training seminar she can get to, she firmly believes in a training style that is flexible to meet the needs of the dog.  Clarity in communication is key to relationships while maintaining motivation, boundaries and structure. 

These are two of our assistants, Wilson and Finn. Wilson was rescued from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico and Finn is a southern boy from Arkansas. Both boys are helpful with teaching dogs how to be social and are great with helping me teach reactive dogs how to accept the presence of another dog. 

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