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Private Sessions


Board and Train

Training is designed to address issues that you're having with your dog in the home or out in the world. We provide real world solutions for behaviors that make living with your pet difficult or frustrating. 


Consultation $100 

We require an evaluation to help us get a better understanding of what's going on with your dog. This way we can best address your needs and make sure we are the right fit for you and you for us.

During your evaluation we will come up with a training plan for you and your dog to address your needs. We use a variety of tools during training, such as but not limited to electronic collars, transitional leads, prong collars, slip leads, martingales, haltis or treats. If you have any questions or concerns about any tools, we encourage you to ask and we can discuss.

Private lessons

2 in-home lessons $400

4 in-home lessons $700

We will teach you how to help your dog relax and trust you on a leash, in your home and out in the real world by building a new relationship with your dog based on respect and communication. Lessons are 1-2 hours. 

Board and Train 1.$1100

5-7 day program

This program builds the foundation for your dog to become a calmer and more connected version of themselves. 

Includes a 2-3 hour go home lesson and a follow up lesson.

Board and Train 2. $1300-1800

10-12 day program

This program builds the same foundation but is for dogs with more severe behavioral issues. 

Includes a 2-3 hour go home lesson and a follow up lesson. 

Board and Train Ecollar $2800

3-4 week board and train program

This program incorporates the foundational work, and conditions and trains your dog to understand the electronic collar. We work on off leash skills, behavior and light obedience. The ecollars we use are from E-Collar Technologies. 

Rates include basic tools as needed.

A travel fee may apply based on location. 

Dogs with serious aggression may incur an additional caution fee. 




We provide boarding in the comfort of our home. Your dog will be cared for and treated like she is one of our own personal dogs. Treadmill training and/or walks are included. Have fun on your vacation knowing that your dog is safe and being cared for in a quiet and calm environment.

Boarding starts at $70 per night.

Caution rates may apply for dogs with behavioral issues.


Pick up later than 6pm may be charged a late fee or an additional overnight. However, we will try to work with your schedule.